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Remnant Ministry

Remnant Leadership VKMI weekly meeting
Tuesday, January 31, 2017 (7-9pm)-CST.

Pastor Ayo
Prophet James
Prophet Mwikali
Stephen- on Sabbatical (January 2017)

1. Opening prayer- (Allen)

2. Feedback from Remnant Sunday Worship- Sunday, January 29, 2017
• Prayer- P.Mwikali
• Worship- P.James
• Transition- Latasha
• The Word- Allen
• Harvest- Delaney
• Tithes and Offerings- P. James
• Other areas/Time of honor- All
• Areas that need improvement

3. Leadership Summit- feedback, takeaway for 2017

4. T-shirt orders reviews- AllAgenda Continued….

5. King Me Conference- Updates to begin on Jan 31, 2017- (P. Mwikali)
 Review previous To do List- ( sent to all leaders)
 Summary of what needs to be done in Feb 2017- All
 List will be updated and sent this week- P. Mwikali
 Who will make announcements on Sunday?
 Place request for Sunday announcement this week-Latasha Order forms update- P. Mwikali

6. Remnant Outreach list- (Allen)
 It’s time to distribute the list alphabetically to all leaders
 Who is willing or desires more names/outreach?
 Latasha is serving as a back- up for those not able to contact their list
 P. Mwikali will be checking weekly for accountability. If you are not able to reach out let her know to ensure Latasha can contact Remnants

7. Monthly dates for Prayer and Fasting for Remnants (P.Mwikali +Stephen)
 Leadership to choose days for fasting and prayer for leaders
 Select monthly dates for prayer for Remnants Suggestion- to select 1 hour each month during one of the meetings and all leaders can pray for Remnants
 Separate prayer line will be created for this purpose
 Leader volunteer for February and March to be selected

8. Other items for future discussions- All

9. Closing prayer

10. Meeting adjourned

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