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the valley
Valley Kingdom Ministries International is a WORD church , a WORKING church and a WORSHIP church.  Our mantra is we are a kingdom ministry that is advancing the kingdom for the king.  VKMI is a Kingdom-minded, cutting edge ministry that moves in the apostolic anointing and marketplace evangelism. “The Valley” as we are affectionately called, is a blessed church that operates out of two locations in the south suburban area of Chicago. Our praise and worship is headed by the Double Gold Award ministry Shekinah Glory, who brought you such songs as “Praise Is What I Do”, “How Deeply I Need You“, “Yes” and “Jesus”. 

About The Mountains

The seven mountains, kingdoms or systems that dominate and have dominion over every society, city and nation on earth are:
Arts & Entertainment
Get Active

The vision of VKMI through prayer, involvement, activity, creativity and an aggressive dominion mindset, is to apostolically activate the Saints of the Most High who are currently involved in these mountains/kingdoms/systems to advance the Kingdom of God. All this is done with the soul goal of bringing Revelations 11:15 to pass. The method of establishing these kingdoms comes from taking it to the streets with marketplace ministry and building the body at home through teaching, training, impartation and fellowship by way of technology.

As an Apostolic-Kingdom ministry, our desire is to raise up sons of God (male/female) and teach them that they are kings who must take dominion on the earth (Genesis 1:26) by apostolically sending them into the marketplace to establish the Kingdom where they work, eat, shop and live.Our Kingdom inheritance from our great God is that upon His glorious return, we shall rule and reign with Him not in heaven but upon the earth. Until then, we shall occupy (Luke 19:13) the earth until He comes through evangelism and discipleship; taking physical and spiritual dominion until our King returns

Our Mission

19 Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost: 20 Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: and, lo, I am with you alway, even unto the end of the world. Amen. KJV Matthew 28:19-20

VALLEY KINGDOM MINISTRIES INTERNATIONAL is a Word-based, non-denominational ministry that seeks to do God’s will in all things. Each component of our name identifies us: THE VALLEY is who we are.

A local body of believers that worship God and seek to give Him glory in all things. We are one ministry in two locations: 1102 East 154th Street in South Holland, IL; 5300 West 151st Street in Oak Forest, IL.

THE KINGDOM is what we are about. We strive to reach the lost at all cost and to bring them into the full knowledge of Jesus Christ. We are not a community content to simply serve each other. Our mandate is to enhance the Kingdom of God by taking the Gospel of Jesus Christ from the neighborhood to the nations.

MINISTRY is how we carry out the will of the Father.

Our concern is for the whole man. Through spirit-led worship, inspired preaching and consistent teaching of God’s Word, we keep the focus of our work and worship on God and His destiny for each individual as well as the Body of Christ. We are blessed

Advancing the kingdom through the seven mountains of power and influence by way of technology