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VKMI Fellowship Logistics Packet

(START TYPING HERE; to add information PRESS the TAB key to move to each field; for check boxes PRESS the SPACE BAR or simply CLICK on BOX)

Requested Time of the Fellowship

Requested Time of the Fellowship


(Provide facts or statistics, if possible)


(Spiritually, Physically, Financially, Emotionally and/or Socially)


(Be clear about what you hope to achieve with this fellowship & state the expected benefits of the fellowship)


(state each person/organization/church name, role, and what was committed)


Will your fellowship require a Paid Speaker/Facilitator?

Will you require the services from Music and Arts?

MEDIA, MARKETING & Advertising

Is there registration?

If so, is there a deadline for registration?

Is this a ticketed fellowship?

Where, how, or who can tickets be purchased?

Are there any special requests of the marketing team regarding graphics, promotion, or marketing campaign?(colors, imagery, promotional items, etc.)

Will you require registration tables or visual support?


How will you advertise this event to your target audience? (Remember to consider what would best reach your target audience. Be sure to use all that are applicable and please be advised that there are Media Guidelines for each method that MUST be adhered to.)

Early event planning

Person responsible


Date to be Completed


Will you need the church van and/or bus?

Will your fellowship require catering?

Are there any desired decorations?

Equipment Needs:

How would you like your tables set up?

How would you like your chairs set up?

AV Needs (must be reserved)

Will a contract be needed to secure any of the request(s) above?

Are you going to require ministry support?

Temple Building

Administrative Building

Rabbi Wing (1st Floor Glass rooms) – Children’s Ministry Wing:Holds up to 60 people based on room set-up

Truth Wing (2nd Floor Glass rooms):Holds up to 60 people based on room set-up

Tabernacle** Holds up to 160 people

Jehovah Wing (Next to Tabernacle):Not Available for meetings

Lilly of the Valley Wing (Nursery Rooms)

Foundation Wing (Lower Level)

VKMI Fellowship Logistics Packet




(Determine how your Ministry will offset the cost of the expenses your request will generate)


(Determine the estimated amount of expenses this request will generate)

The VKMI-FLP is due 4 weeks prior to quarterly Roundtable Meeting.